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QUO Milano


We are outsiders. Those people generally don't fit in the pre-made boxes so easily. We think differently and are passionate about the new. We are free-spirited and curious about what the world has to offer. ​


And how incredible is to realize that there are many people out there with the same mindset, same adventurer spirit and an urge to discover more! Our mission is to put these people together, inspire and encourage creativity and authenticity.


We are - and you are - travellers, students, young professionals, passionate people who are fearless to speak their minds.

QUO Milano. Connect. Share. Collab_

QUO means

A hostel, a bar, a coworking space are all temporary places. People come, stay and go. In a lifetime, a traveller passes through several bars, diverse accommodations and most of them, if not them all, are forgettable. 

We are different because we offer all the tools the young and passionate people need to make it unforgettable. QUO is a place where you can connect, share and collaborate. QUO is a place with a unique atmosphere that you will want to come back to. You will want to be here because of the connections with the community, because of the ideas we share, because when we collaborate, we grow together.


QUO is where you can live and dream, work and grow your projects, study, eat, meet new people and the most important - and what we all are looking for - have fun! 

QUO Milano crew




Take part in our world the way you want and need. You're more than welcome!


We are a

We want to make a better world! But, first, we need to make a better home, a better city. QUO Milano is placing in Milan a great community of people with the same interests and the traveller spirit.  Everything we do, from making the beds to the service we provide at the bar, is engaged in the big idea of growing together.

From the international students to the neighbour that is a once beer customer, you are all connected and part of our group. A community made of inspiring people that have a message to give to the world. When you leave, we want you to take a bit of us to the other communities you will find along the way. To create an even better message and reach even more places!

QUO Milano


We are enthusiastic and naturally motivated. We are creative, we like to do things in a new way and learn from others. Our mind is open to different ideas and our heart is open to new emotions. We are travellers, we already stepped into a few different countries and we know what it feels like to be a stranger in a new place.

We put all our passion into the services we offer and everything that we do. Because we know you are one of us and we do know how we like to be treated.

We are QUO Milano and these are the people who make this place as special as it is! 


You already know how we are and what kind of people work here. So, if you think you match our spirit and would like to join us as an employee or even for a volunteer experience, get in touch!

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